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(Imported 8/24/09)
I’ve done significantly less Tennessee Titans-blogging than I expected to do, but I figure I should finally mention that (1) offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger made a sudden departure to the New York Jets for a significantly higher salary than he had been making. I made my share of criticisms of Mike over the years, but he also had a key role in the transformation of Steve McNair from a scatter-armed running quarterback to the co-MVP team engine he was the three seasons prior to this one (yeah, yeah, he was only the co-MVP the 2003 season). It’s always a little disheartening to lose coaches in a lateral movement, but it’s always tough to tell someone he needs to turn down a couple hundred thousand extra dollars.
(2) The Titans hired former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow as their new offensive coordinator. Chow has been a legend in the college football community for years, though I’d only say he broke out when he left BYU after nearly a quarter-century and had hits first at N.C. State with Philip Rivers exploding onto the scene as a freshmen, then at USC with Heisman Trophy-winning seasons by Carson Palmer and then Matt Leinart. Given the fetishization of “the next offensive genius” in college football, it’s difficult to see why someone with a track record of offensive excellence like Chow hasn’t gotten more of a look at a head coach position. Passed over for the BYU job when LaVell Edwards retired, only one year at N.C. State, possibly forced out at USC, hardly a sniff at a head coaching position… I mean, he interviewed at Stanford, which ended up hiring Walt Harris, a coach who went to a BCS bowl and still might have gotten canned had he not left first. In any event, it’s tough to tell why he hasn’t had more success at getting a better job, but it’s also clear that he’s basically maxxed out at the college level as an offensive coach, and I can’t wait to see what he does with the Titans next year. Only 68 days until the draft!


Written by Tom Gower

February 15, 2005 at 03:40

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