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Playoff Update

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A rooting guide for tomorrow, since I still haven’t watched last Sunday’s game against the Bills…

For the Titans to make the playoffs, all of the following must happen:
(i) TEN over NE;
(ii) PIT over CIN;
(iii) KC over JAX; and
(iv) SF over DEN

If any of (i)-(iv) fails to happen, the Titans will not make the playoffs. If you wish, in addition to the above outcomes, you may also root for Baltimore to win and/or Indianapolis to lose. That way, the Colts would be the #3 seed and face the #6 seed Titans in the opening round of the playoffs next weekend. Such a game would feature the presence of Yours Truly, which would mean first-hand reports after the fact of such a game and a better UFR. Sure, maybe having 5 of 6 things happen is unlikely, but they’re a damn sight more likely to happen than what needs come to pass for the Packers to make the playoffs after the Giants’ win tonight.


Written by Tom Gower

December 31, 2006 at 07:43

Posted in Tennessee Titans

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