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Recent Titans Happenings

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I’ve had stuff going on lately, so UFR-Offense of Week 17 v. NE and the second half of Senior Bowl practice, Day 3 are both on hold for a few days. Maybe tomorrow, else Friday or Saturday. A couple things in Titans land have happened lately, though.

First, Vince Young played in the Pro Bowl. Since I’ve been so diligent about breaking down plays of his, I’m just chomping at the bit to break down his play in the Pro Bowl. Except I was playing Madden and didn’t bother to watch the game at all.

Second, Mike Reinfeldt was hired from the Seahawks’ front office to be the new GM of the Titans. This is probably a very good move. Here is Andrew Strickert’s post on the press conference. FO writer and Seahawks maven Doug Farrar penned a very complimentary column on Reinfeldt, calling him the “team’s 2005 MVP,” high praise considering Shaun Alexander was the MVP of the NFL that year.

Offseason mode is still in pre-draft mode. The Combine starts in just over a week, and the NFL Network coverage begins with the opening press conference. Until then, you’ll have to content yourself with NFL Network’s Path to the Draft TV show. I’ll be watching it when I can, and posting anything I think is notable.

I thought about doing a UFR on the Super Bowl, and if I were fully up to date on my Titans charting, I might have, but that won’t happen. Instead, I’ll just commend to you the NFL Network’s wonderful commercial, which aired before the game but not during it. It’s available on NFLN’s home page.


Written by Tom Gower

February 15, 2007 at 03:13

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