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A couple happenings in Titans-land:

First, Zach Piller was released today. Having much of two of the past three seasons, this move shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, least of all Zach. Overall, he played in 87 games, starting 58 of them. But, I stand by what I wrote in October (N.B. they call Pacman “Pac-Man,” because that’s how the game is spelled).

Second, and it’s another Too Deep Zone link. This one, though, my name is nowhere out there, so you can click in comfort. Instead, Mike Tanier gives a rundown of the first franchise player, Wilber Marshall. He concentrates more on the wrangling associated with the CBA than Marshall the Buddy Ryan favorite and overpaid locker room cancer, but the memories are still painful for those who remember the terrible start (1-4) and finish (7 fumbles, 28-20 loss, with 21 points in the 4th quarter). Still, the CBA info is good stuff, and MUCH better than Yost’s book (or MacCambridge’s, for that matter).

UPDATE (2/21, 0058 CT): Yep, no hard feelings from Piller, as a Tennesseean article entitled “Piller is upbeat despite release” would imply.


Written by Tom Gower

February 20, 2007 at 04:44

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