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Some thoughts on football and football-related subjects, from waypoints around the web.

Chris from Smart Football, whose blog is linked on the sidebar, is now providing commentary to University of Texas blog Burnt Orange Nation. See his first post, on systems and personnel.

Deadspin gets a copy of an ESPN inter-office Q&A. Some of the complaints are the normal trivial crap you get from every workplace, but some of it is very intriguing from a coverage perspective.

For a preview of something like what’s coming from UFR this fall, see special teams and offense on the 2005 Orange Bowl from Penn State alum and fan, and fellow FO commenter, Pat.

SMQ gets around to Ohio State in his incredibly detailed series of team previews. My national championship prediction of total darkhorses is Florida State-Ohio State, though my head says USC (undefeated) v. some 1-loss team, akin to the Miami-Nebraska Rose Bowl a few years ago. Yes, that thought depresses me.

More on ESPN, from EDSBS (love the first comment: “In the words of William Shakespeare–oh, SNAP.” Kinda sums up EDSBS. See also this post from Dawg Sports, to which Orson of EDSBS was responding.

I know this relates to my day job in some general way, and a topic I’m vaguely interested in, but I really have no interest in writing about the proposed All American Football League and its legal status. But, thankfully, Michael McCann of Sports Law Blog did it for me. The degree requirement frankly stank to me, and is a clear market-segmentation move without any defensible rationale.

Great and joyous news! The NFL Network has released its schedule of preseason games. Of particular interest to Titans fans, the first preseason game, against the Redskins on Aug. 11 at 7 PM CT, will be shown live on NFLN, and is one of only two preseason games NFLN is producing itself (with the opening Hall of Fame game itself being the other). The second game, against New England, will be shown Friday night, Aug. 17, at 11 PM CT, with the third against Buffalo coming Aug. 25 at 9 AM CT, and the final game against Green Bay coming Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 2 at 8 AM CT.

Training camp has begun for the Titans, but as I’m in the Chicagoland area, I won’t have any first-hand observations. But, I may make it to Bears camp this year. Then again, I said that last year, too, and never did. Anyway, more comment when I want to.


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July 30, 2007 at 02:00

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