Upon Further Review: WAS@TEN

Hey, I finally finished work before 10 on the same day my DVR worked. Thus, UFR. Alas, other commitments (more of the stuff I couldn’t do earlier in the week) prevented me from doing much of it. But, here’s the first two drives.

W45 1 10 Standard 2-TE Run 1 Brown Stretch
Moulds running right to left across the formation as the ball is snapped. After the snap, Mawae and Bell pull. Marcus Washington comes outside of Bell’s block and is able to grab Brown by the ankles as he’s passing by. Brown falls forward for a yard. Whatever you want to say about Travis Henry, and I said a lot last year, he didn’t get tackled much on plays like this one.
W44 2 9 I-Form, 2-TE Strong Run 2 Brown Off Tackle
The Titans open with another outside run, this one to the right strong side. Daniels is able to get good leverage on near TE Hartsock, not just standing his ground but pushing him back a yard, then free releasing to stop Brown after a gain of 2.
W42 3 7 3-WR, Slot Weak Pass 13 Scaife Drag
While the formation is listed on 3-WR, Scaife is actually in the slot to the left side, while Hartsock is the TE right. Hartsock and Brown stay in to block as the Redskins bring an LB on a delayed blitz. Collins has no room in the pocket to step up after a 7 yard drop, but is able to find Scaife going left to right across the middle of the field just past the first down marker. Scaife picks up about 5 YAC before Springs brings him down.
W29 1 10 3-WR, Slot Strong Pass Inc Scaife Run Drag
Again, 3-WR, but Scaife is in the slot. He and Hartsock run a sort of short cross/rub route right off the line of scrimmage before Scaife continues on the same sort of pattern he ran before. Collins’ pass goes right to London Fletcher-Baker, who kindly drops the gift-wrapped interception. But this actually wasn’t Collins’ fault at all, as Kedric Golston deflects the pass. Blame this one on Eugene Amano, who can’t force Golston to keep his hand down.
W29 2 10 I-Form, 2-TE Strong Pass 2 Brown Checkdown
Play-action, and another deep drop on this play. Golston has another good play, pushing Bell way back into the backfield. Collins, feeling the pressure, hits Brown 2 yards downfield, and Chris is immediately tackled.
W27 3 8 Shotgun 4-WR Pass -9 Collins Fumble
I know it says “4-WR,” but I’m pretty sure Scaife was in the slot left and Hartsock was in the slot right. Collins takes the snap, drops back to pass and loses the handle. There didn’t appear to be any issues on this snap, so this one is all on Kerry. Even better, it takes the Titans out of field goal range.
Drive Notes: The preseason is the time for getting in shape for the regular season. Like your offensive linemen remembering how to block, and a QB and center with 25 years of experience getting a shotgun snap done right. And running the ball effectively, like carries for more than 2 yards. Credit where credit is due, Collins did have a good pass to convert the third down. One outta six ain’t that bad, I guess. Okay, it is.
W28 1 10 I-Form, Standard 2-WR, WR Right Run 5 Brown Left Tackle
Brown with the run left side. Good 1v1 blocking, with Hall hitting LB Washington lurking behind the line. And Brown runs smack ahead right into Hall. That’s my kind of observation skills. He does eventually try to run forward not into another person, but by the time he does there’s not that much room. If it sounds like I’m not saying Chris Brown made a good play, it’s because I don’t think he did. He did fall forward for an extra couple yards, though.
W23 2 5 Weak I Pass Inc Hall Throwback Screen
The Titans fake the strongside (right) run and look to throw the screen back to Hall, who has blockers in front of him. Only when Mawae released Salave’a to go block on the screen, he didn’t slow Joe down at all. Collins is under pressure, and doesn’t have enough time to make an accurate throw to Hall.
W23 3 5 Shotgun 3-WR, Slot Weak Pass Inc Roby Out
There’s no blitzing in preseason! Tell that to Gregg Williams, who brings 7 on this play and gets to Collins in a hurry. Roby lined up slot left and runs into the flat near the third down marker, but Collins doesn’t have time enough to get a good throw off to him and the ball falls short and incomplete.
Drive Notes: Good field position wasted again, as the Titans can’t get two decent plays together in a row. At least Bironas manages to hit the field goal from 41.

Tomorrow sees Tennessee’s second pre-season game, this time in New England against the Patriots. Alas, this one will appear on NFL Network on tape delay, tomorrow night at 11 PM CT. I may actually do UFR for the rest of the first half tomorrow evening and get it up then. UFR for the New England game will hopefully appear over the weekend. If you want to a preview of the New England check, out of Total Titans tomorrow morning.


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