Top 500 Titans

So, Peter King of Sports Illustrated ranked the Top 500 players in the NFL, regardless of position. Which Titans made the list?

#41 Vince Young (#8 QB)
#70 Keith Bulluck (#9 LB)
#101 Kyle Vanden Bosch (#13 DE)
#110 Pacman Jones (#11 CB)
#117 Albert Haynesworth (#9 DT)
#128 Chris Hope (#5 SS)
#187 Michael Roos
#212 Nick Harper
#276 David Thornton
#452 Benji Olson

The whole list is kind of silly, for reasons partially articulated elsewhere, but it’s interesting to see what he thinks of the Titans. The ranking I quibble with the most is of Pacman; Devin Hester is #69, and I believe there’s a good case that Pacman no worse a returner in 2006, plus he’s actually a very good corner, one of the couple best (3-4) in the league. It’s not clear to me if #110/#11 CB is actually where PK thinks he is, or if there’s some sort of discounting going on.

It’s also very nice to see Michael Roos get some recognition-he doesn’t get much national publicity, but nor did Brad Hopkins and he was also a rock at the LT position for over a decade. I’m very surprised that Olson was the other Titans lineman selected, particularly given the fine reputation Mawae seems to enjoy around the NFL. For the record, King ranks 16 Centers, including rookie Samson Satele at #499. Oversight, or deliberate?

I’m also surprised to see Nick Harper ranked so highly, given his rep around the league as solely a Cover 2 corner utterly unsuited to man coverage. He’s not that bad, but he also doesn’t strike me as particularly good. Thornton’s a better LB than Harper is a CB.

Aside from probably Mawae, and maybe Stewart and/or Bell, I don’t really think there were any Titans who deserved to make it. And that’s not very good.


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