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Upon Further Review: TEN@TB Offense

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In Week 6, the Tennessee Titans fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 13-10. What follows ia a PBP breakdown of each Titans’ offensive play for the game.

So far, I have the first half done. The rest of the game will be up in the next couple days-ish.

T20 1 10 2-TE Strong Pass 12 Moulds Out
The 2-TE strong looks like almost a trips formation, and VY boots to that side. Moulds comes out of the trips and runs an out or maybe a comeback, and VY hits him. Pass may not have been caught in-bounds, but TB doesn’t challenge. (CA)
T32 1 10 Standard 2-TE Run 0 White Cutback
White, seeing the cutback lane develop, makes an explosive jump cut to sidestep the defender in the backfield and picks up good yardage. OK, I’m fantasizing there. Haye does well against Bell, and White can’t get away from him.
T32 2 10 4-WR Pass 12 Moulds Slant(?)
Moulds lines up split wide to the right, and ends up over the middle near the first down marker. VY hits him, and that’s not a bad play in the passing game. (CA)
T44 1 10 I-Formation Run 4 White Iso
I feel like I’m using cutback too much, so I’m going to revert to iso when it’s just a back running forward. White finds a hole more up the middle than behind the FB and gets 4 yards before being touched.
T48 2 6 I-Form, 3-WR Run 3 White Iso
Blah, short run left side. White does manage to spin forward for an extra half a yard or a little more after making initial contact.
B49 3 3 3-WR, Slot Weak Pass Inc Davis Hitch
The playcall is a pass to Davis, who’s in the slot to the weak side. There’s blocking for him, but VY misses him badly. (IN)
Drive Notes: Punt, 0-0, 1Q 8:33. If you can’t run, then you need a good passing game to score. If you don’t have a good passing game, you need no breaks against you and no particularly bad plays. The drive-killer was a very bad throw.
T32 1 10 2-TE Strong Run 3 White Iso
It’s the same sort of trips formation, only flipped to the left side of the formation. Run goes middle, blah.
T35 2 7 3-WR, Slot Weak Run 4 White Iso
Decent run middle.
T39 3 3 Trips Right Pass Inc R.Williams Stop(?)
T39 3 3 Penalty 5 TB-Barber Defensive Holding
VY eschews the trips, throws for Roydell left side. And positively airmails the pass-terrible throw. If the call is PI instead of holding, it gets waved off because the pass is uncatchable. Just a terrible throw by VY, and an absolute bailout by Barber. (IN)
T44 1 10 I-Formation Run 3 White Iso
Blah, short run right side-White runs forward and stops when hits Cramer, in at FB for injured Hall.
T47 2 7 Shotgun 4-WR Pass 3 Moulds Flat
Moulds lines up slot left, runs into the flat about 3 yards downfield. I don’t really understand why this is one of VY’s first options, since it sucks. (CA)
B50 3 4 3-WR, Slot Weak Pass -4 Young Sack
Where sack = “tried to scramble and hits a LenDale who’s trying to help block.” Another great example of White’s lack of vision-you can’t cut off your QB the way he did here. (SCR)
Drive Notes: Punt, 0-0, 1Q 2:46. Titans offense bad.
T20 1 10 Shotgun Split Backs, 3-WR Run 8 Brown Delay Trap
VY fakes the read option to White, then gets to Brown running up the middle on the delayed handoff. There’s a little bit of a lane there, plus Roos pushes him forward two yards at the end of the run to set up 3&short.
T28 2 2 I-Formation Run 3 Brown Iso
Short run middle. Doesn’t get much in terms of yardage, but it is a first down.
T31 1 10 Shotgun 4-WR Pass 23 Gage Seam
Gage lines up in the slot to the right side and just runs straight up the field. He stops, goes up high, and hauls in VY’s pass for a 23 yard again. (CA) may be a bit generous, considering just how much Gage had to go up for the throw, but I’m not in an ungenerous mood.
B46 1 10 Shotgun Split Backs, 3-WR Run 9 Brown Read Option
Disappointing to see Brown only get 9 here-had a huge lane after the DE goes outside, but can’t make Jackson miss and is tackled short of the first down. Yeah, they get it the next play, but still.
B37 2 1 Shotgun Split Backs, 3-WR Pass 5 Gage Quick Hitch
Quick pass to Gage in the slot right. He avoids 2 tacklers and has a short gain for the first down. (CA)
B32 1 10 I-Formation Run Fumble Young Iso
VY tries to put the ball in Brown’s breadbasket, but the ball ends up on the ground. I’m really not sure whose fault this play was.
Drive Notes: Fumble, 0-0, 2Q 10:26. Turnovers are game-killers. Avoid them. I don’t know if we should blame VY or Brown for the botched handoff, but it’s somebody’s fault.
T8 1 10 I-Form, 3-WR Run 4 Young Pass Option
VY looks to hit the quick hitch to Gage in the slot to the right side, that would’ve been a good way to get a pick-6, so he tucks the ball away and gets what he can up the middle. (SCR)
T12 2 6 Trips Right Run 1 Brown Cutback
Great play by Tanard Jackson, comes knifing through the hole to cut down Brown when it looks like he’ll have a lot of room to run on the cutback.
T13 3 5 Shotgun Trips Right Pass 12 R.Williams In
I quickly ran out of interesting things to say about short runs up the middle. I’m now running out of things I consider interesting to say about these 10-15 yard in routes. (CA)
T25 1 10 3-WR, Slot Weak Pass 16 Hartsock Waggle
Playfake and the boot, but VY has somebody in his face and has to dump the ball off right away. The pass is a low one, but Hartsock goes down to get it and makes a lot happen, to the tune of about 14 YAC. (PR)
T41 1 10 Shotgun Base Run 5 Brown Read Option
And that’s a simple 5 yard run up the middle-Brown shoots the gap inside of the outside-rushing DE and has a nice gain on first down.
T46 2 5 3-WR, Slot Weak Run 4 White Read Option
Some inside action, almost a counter or trap off the handoff. As I’ve said before, I make this up as I go along. Not a bad gain, though a faster back can turn the corner and get the first down. At least White didn’t try to do that.
B50 3 1 Standard 2-TE Penalty -5 Scaife False Start
T45 3 6 4-WR Close Pass 10 Moulds Curl?
False start: lack of communication between Mawae and VY who did the quick sneak to catch the Bucs unready, and Scaife, motioning into the TE spot from the FB. On the pass pattern, Moulds somehow gets about 10 yards downfield over the middle and catches the pass. Thanks, CBS, for showing me the entire play. (CA)
B45 1 10 2-TE Strong Pass INT R.Williams Double Rollout
VY starts to boot, then rolls back into the pocket-I heard the name “double rollout” and liked it, so that’s what I call it now. VY chucks it deep for Roydell about the 5 yard line, except he underthrows him by about 5 yards and is “intercepted.” Buchanon doesn’t really catch the ball inbounds, I don’t think, but the replay official disagrees with me. And he wins. A bad pass in any event. (IN)
Drive Notes: “Interception,” 0-3, 2Q 1:18. I tell you, it’s a little depressing charting a bad offense with an inexperienced QB-the same plays over and over again, plus lots of mediocre execution.

Written by Tom Gower

November 6, 2007 at 06:23

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