Pro Football Hall of Fame 2008 Results

As I did last year, here’s my take on this year’s voting for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The election started with 17 candidates, 15 modern candidates and two nominated by the seniors committee. The 15 modern candidates were first voted down to 10, then to 5. The final 5 each then received a straight up-or-down vote, as did the 2 senior nominees. Here’s how the voting went:

First 5 moderns eliminated: Randy Gradishar, Russ Grimm, Ray Guy, Andre Reed, Paul Tagliabue
Second 5 moderns eliminated: Cris Carter, Richard Dent, Bob Kuechenberg, Randall McDaniel, Derrick Thomas
Modern candidates not inducted: none
Senior candidates not inducted: Marshall Goldberg
DE Fred Dean
CB Darrell Green
WR Art Monk
LB Andre Tippett
CB Emmitt Thomas
OG Gary Zimmerman

Dean, Thomas, and Tippett I don’t remember, but I’ll give you my comments on the others.

Darrell Green was the only lead-pipe lock in this Hall of Fame class. In fact, it would’ve been a terrible error in judgment if he hadn’t been elected this year. He played 20 years in the NFL, and was one of the best corners in the game for at least 10 of them.

I must admit I’m not a terribly keen observer of OLine play-I’ve gotten better, but I used to be really terrible. Still, I think Zimmerman was a very good choice.

I know if any Redskin fan reads this, I’m going to get flamed, but Art Monk isn’t a good choice. The best argument is that the selectors all agreed that they were hopelessly deadlocked on Art Monk, and simply HAD to admit him to be able to discuss the other WRs (Cris Carter and Andre Reed included) sensibly. That’s the ONLY reason I see to put him in. Best question: how many times was Art Monk the best receiver on his team? He lead his team in yards 4 times in his 14 year Redskin career. He lead the NFL in catches once, and yards per game once; that’s it. His main specialty was as a compiler; the Eddie Murray of football, if you will. And Eddie Murray may be a baseball hall of famer (I think he is), but the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn’t respect compilers the way baseball does; the Pro Football Hall of Fame demands greatness, and Monk simply doesn’t have it. Now that Monk’s in, there’s no reason to keep out Mark Clayton, Mark Duper, Cris Collinsworth, Henry Ellard, Mike Quick, Wesley Walker, Stanley Morgan, Andre Reed, heck, even Drew Hill has a case. Monk’s simply being rewarded by he was good for a longer period of time, instead of very good for a slightly shorter period of time. A terrible decision, and one that hopefully won’t be used as a yardstick for future candidacies.

Among the people who didn’t make it, from what I’ve read about Marshall Goldberg, there was no good reason to put him in. Cris Carter will probably get in next year, depending on how many new stars come up. Randall McDaniel will hopefully get in next year. Derrick Thomas I’m ambivalent on. There’s no way in heck Ray Guy should make the Hall of Fame, and it’d be a disgrace if he did. I’m not totally adverse to putting him in the final 15 every year, though, for the pleasure of rejecting him. Reed should get in since Monk did! Grimm I wouldn’t mind seeing in. Tagliabue, well, I think he deserves to be in, but the selectors don’t understand what he did well, which doesn’t bode well for his election.


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