College Football Blogs

Today, the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards were announced, and I’d like to highlight three of the winners. First, the Best Recurring Feature award went to EDSBS for its Fulmer Cup feature. SMQ, who gave out the award, also noted MGoBlog’s UFR, which might, not inaccurately, be called this blog’s raison d’etre in its current incarnation*. I can’t help but quote much of what SMQ writes on UFR:

he only evidence anyone should need to confirm the devotion and smarts it takes to pull off such an undertaking on a consistent basis is the complete absence of anyone else – mainstream, blogger or otherwise – who even tries. And if someone with the same freakish obsession and attention to detail about their team is out there, they’re not doing it with remotely the zest of MGoBlog.

AFAIK, I’m the only person who’s done UFR more than about twice. Yes, I will be returning to this project in the coming months.

The second award I’d like to point out is Best Analysis, which goes to a well-deserving SMQ, in whose honor this award could be named, because he’d win it every single year. SMQ is a veritable cornucopia of college football information and analysis, and, like EDSBS and MGoBlog, well-deserving of its place on the sidebar.

The third and final award I wish to point out is the Best Analysis (Post) award, and it went to . . . yet another blog on the blogroll. Specifically, the post on The Divide Route in the Multiple-Smash Concept by Chris of Smart Football. I’m ashamed I didn’t link to this post specifically, though I did mention I’d bookmarked everything he’d written for months. True, not so much in terms of volume of posts, but the quality ratio is just awesome.

*-Originally, this blog was for posts too long and/or spoiler-ish and/or outre for my other blog. In that case, “Residual Prolixity” as a name made perfect sense. Now, well, it doesn’t, though it is distinctive.


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