Some more miscellaneous links, as I avoid doing any form of actual work, both blogging and actual…

SMQ took a detailed look at Alabama’s over-recruiting. I personally find the Alabama partisans taking a totally ridiculous attitude on this.

Remember that crystal football Florida got for winning the BCS Championship? Some recruit broke it.

A good long article on stadium subsidies, which are bad things. On a related note, remember how the Super Bowl was in Arizona? The city of Glendale lost money.

Over at P-F-R blog, JKL took an extended look at the NFL’s scheduling and format history. See also part two of the same.

If I spent more energy on this blog, one of the things I’d do would be more stuff like these player profiles by John Morgan of Field Gulls.

Completion percentage is overrated. Proof? Chad Pennington leads the NFL. Like, the entire history of the NFL.

NFL teams, by rookie pool amount.

Biz of Football did an interview with Louisville Fire (Arena2) QB Matt Bassuener. Why do I link to this? Hoya Saxa!

Yakuza Rich pointed out sacks are decreasing in the NFL.

SMQ, as part of an ongoing series, took a look at Georgia as a national championship contender. They have a really rough schedule this year, but they’re my early pick for the BCS Championship Game, beating the Buckeyes. I reserve the right to change that in the next seven months.

Speaking of predicting the upcoming college football season, Phil Steele’s magazine comes out June 10. Check out the covers for this year. In particular, note the Florida variant. Schools represented: Florida, Florida State, South Florida. Note: not Miami. Major points to anybody who predicted that five years ago. Sit down, you liars.

More content later.


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