PFR blog introduces a similar-player generator. Very crude, but potentially interesting.

SMQ previews VaTech @ Nebraska in his customarily excellent style. See also this post on the Husker defense.

Courtesy of Sports Law Blog, an attempt at a definition of sport. I have a couple mental heuristics I use for deciding whether or not something is a sport: an activity and a test. The activity is competitive bricklaying, which is not a sport. The test is competition-if no human is trying to prevent you from achieving your goal, it can’t be a sport. Yes, golf is not a sport. Yes, the pole vault is not a sport. They call it the Olympic Games for a reason, people. N.B. that something is a sport and not a game should not be taken as in any way determinative of its value or worth.

EDSBS wonders if you need a brain to coach college football. I suspect not, though it may help.

Michael Lombardi dismisses Matt Jones-good 40 speed, but who cares, because he has no burst or explosion. This is a major flaw of Titans RB Chris Henry, I suspect Chris Davis doesn’t have enough burst either, and a reason I’m very concerned about Chris Johnson, who Lombardi is pretty high on.

Also from Lombardi, a scouting report on the Green Bay offense from last year. Fascinating stuff.

Lombardi on establishing an identity, which the Lions have failed to do.

Lombardi on figuring out unnamed sources, something I should do more often.

A non-Lombardi interlude! Andrew Brandt, too close to the Packers and Favre to comment.

Perhaps the most interesting non-potentially-elite team in college football this year is Michigan, which is going through something of a major transition period. See this post breaking down some of Rich Rodriguez’s plays.

The new baseball stadium in Washington, D.C. was supposed to produce lots of new jobs in the area around the ballpark. It hasn’t. I’m shocked, shocked, shocked!

Advanced NFL Stats on the likely decline of the Charger defense this fall. The reason: interception luck in 2007, and interception luck is not likely to be repeatable.

Michael Lombardi points out something very important to remember: you have to evaluate your team correctly, or else you’re screwed.


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