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Time for another collection of miscellaneous links, something on which I remain way the heck behind.

Something from the rest of my life: a disquisition on personal seat licenses, from Saul Levmore, Dean of the University of Chicago Law School.

The Titans now have a Ring of Honor, which I saw on my visit to LP Field.

National Football Post is a great site because of the legit info on insiders who matter, like Andrew Brandt’s description of working with Drew Rosenhaus.

Michael Oriard on whether or not you should care about NFL injuries. Slate article, so be noted.

Goodell interview. With Rovell, so be noted. See also this W$J interview with Roger Rex, which has more actual content.

Matt Bowen on safety play in man coverage. Nothing real special, but useful as a primer for the unfamiliar. See also his piece on fire zones, which is one of the easiest ways to distinguish between somebody who knows what they’re doing and somebody like me who doesn’t know anything.

More awesomeness from Smart Football, on late game clock management.

Matt Bowen breaks down what an NFL work week looks like for a player.

Darren Rovell points out something fairly obvious: especially in the current economic climate, NFL franchises really aren’t worth what Forbes says they are.

Love for Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing, one of my favorite players in college football this year.

Finally, for this little post, statistical quirkiness: college teams with 0 completions, including the Army Black Knights in their 17-13 win today.


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October 12, 2008 at 02:12

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