Thoughts on College Football: Week Eight

Another fall Saturday, another week of college football pretty much over.

TCU 32 – BYU 7
Well, this result came as a surprise to me. I didn’t think BYU was great-the game against UW wasn’t as close as the 28-27 score made it seem, but was still closer than a great team would have been. Still, I thought they’d win this game. TCU really got great pressure on Max Hall pretty consistently, and he wasn’t able to (i) do what Sam Bradford did by going over the top or (ii) find the underneath guy consistently. I was also hugely impressed by TCU’s offense. Watching them against Oklahoma, I didn’t think much of them; against BYU, a whole different story, as they took advantage of the defensive pressure and Cougar turnovers.

Florida State 26 – N.C. State 17
Well, I paid a little bit of attention to this game, so I feel obligated to mention it. Uh, I don’t really like Tom O’Brien, and maybe FSU now is half-decent?

Boise State 27 – Hawaii 7
Not as close as the score indicates, as Boise State really dominated from beginning to end. Hawaii’s much worse this year than they were last year, and they weren’t that great last year.

Texas Tech 43 – Texas A&M 25
I like watching the Red Raiders on offense, but less than I used to-less unique now. The defense still seems pretty mediocre, though-a couple losses appears likely.

Northwestern 48 – Purdue 26
I really should have realized before now Purdue is pretty bad this year. I knew Curtis Painter wasn’t much, but I figured they’d muddle their way through to 7 wins like they seem to do lately. Right now, that doesn’t look like it’ll be the case. Maybe I’ll also have to re-evaluate Northwestern as well, since I was ready to write them off as a total fluke after they lost to Michigan State last week.

Georgia Tech 21 – Clemson 17
Looking at this score, you might think these teams had offenses. You’d be wrong-each team got a score at least gifted to them by defense. This game is more like a net 7-3 game than 21-17. I still need to sit down and watch GaTech for an extended look, to see how Paul Johnson’s option attack is faring, but that won’t happen for a while.

Virginia 16 – North Carolina 13 (OT)
This was the lowest priority of the 2:30 CT games for me, but just goes to show how weird of a team UVA is. Losing 31-3 to Duke, then upsetting a pretty decent Tar Heel team?

Ohio State 45 – Michigan State 7
Then again, you think you know something about a team, then something totally weird happens. A previously moribund Buckeye offense, who put up 9 points against Purdue the previous week, looks absolutely awesome in East Lansing and just kills the Spartans. The Buckeyes put up 21 in the first quarter, and the game was completely over.

Alabama 24 – Ole Miss 20
Alabama, aside from the 31-0 half against Georgia, continues to leave me non-plussed. They were fairly dominating after a sluggish start, then get outscored 17-0 in the second half. Wilson’s not a bad QB, Coffee’s not a bad RB, but this team to me looks vulnerable. The trip to Red Stick in November feels like a pretty sure loss to me right now, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them drop another game-maybe the Iron Bowl again. I wonder if those two would be enough to put the Nicktator on the hot seat, particularly if that latter hypothetical defeat costs them the SEC West.

Penn State 46 – Michigan 17
Ah, finally a score that is deceptively not-close, as the Wolverines took a 17-7 first half lead and were tied in the third quarter before the wheels came off. And come off they did, as PSU’s offense found the holes in Michigan’s defense, and Brandon Minor started carrying more like he was Brandon Minor instead of “not-Brandon-Minor-but-good” like he was in the first half.

Oregon State 34 – Washington 13
A little bit of an interlude game-Washington’s QB, Not Jake Locker, made a couple decent downfield throws, but overall the Huskies really aren’t that good, especially on defense.

Texas 56 – Missouri 31
Four minutes into the game, I said I’d take Texas -16.5. They actually went up 35-0 before Mizzou kicked a FG to end the first half, and the Tigers pointlessly won the second half. This was a really, really impressive performance by the Longhorns on both offense and defense. McCoy did pretty much whatever he wanted, and the defensive line pressured Chase Daniel into oblivion. I knew by beating OU Texas was pretty good, and this was a #1-type performance.

LSU 24 – South Carolina 17
Why isn’t LSU better? I know, they have inexperienced rotating quarterbacks, but there’s enough overall talent on the field this game shouldn’t have been that close. A couple costly drops hurt, but I can’t help but think that my “Les Miles sucks” theory is the reason.

I saw a little bit of a couple other games, but not enough to say anything on them. Too bad, so sad.


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