Book Review: Tales from the Titans Sideline

If you’re a fan of an NFL team, there are many different ways you can part with your money and show your support, in some sense or another. Aside from the obvious, where you could drop the better part of a grand each on a recliner, a sofa, and an area rug. You can also buy knockoff products, read the publications that devote the most/most favorable coverage to your team of choice, and patronize businesses that show their support. Or, if you’re a reader like me, you can buy books about the team.

So, that’s why you’re getting a review of Tales from the Titans Sideline by Jim Wyatt. Wyatt, for those non-Titans fans or those Titans fans who don’t read the newspaper, is currently the lead beat writer covering the team for Nashville’s Tennessean and has covered the team for that publication since the Super Bowl season of 1999. Wyatt’s book is not particularly unique-the now-defunct Sports Publishing LLC did them for a number of markets, and more in the same vein. The linked thread has its share of journalistic caterwauling, but gives you a good idea-Tales is not really a book so much as a bunch of 800 word Tennessean articles grouped into a couple themes. There’s no new ground broken here, nor any particular insights-the only reason to buy the book, really, is to show your support for the team or the author. Except, well, SPLLC is kaput, so Wyatt’s not getting any more of the back end, not that he ever did in the first place. If you’re one of those people who generally likes to buy new books to support authors, no need for any moral qualms here-just buy a used copy. For Titans fans only, and then only for nostalgia purposes.


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