Sports Illustrated’s All Pro Teams

One way to waste a great deal of time if you’re a sports fan is to peruse the Sports Illustrated vault. Joe Posnanski recently wrote a post about some of his favorite stories, which are generally quite good, but I was interested in something else: who Dr. Z had picked to his All-Pro team each year. So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve found:

1979: Found
1980: Found
1981: Found
1982: Found
1983: Found
1984: Found
1985: Found
1986: Found
1987: Found
1988: Found
1989: Found
1990: Found (p. 30-31 in issue, no article link)
1991: Found
1992: Found
1993: Found
1994: Found (chart in Scorecard, no article)
1995: Found
1996: Looked for, not found
1997: Found
1998: Found
All Century Team: Found (published August 1999)
1999: Found (online)
2000: Found (online)
2001: Found (online)
2002: Found (online)
2003: Found (online)
2004: Found (online)
2005: Found, offense and defense (online)
2006: Found (online)
2007: Found (online)
2008: Found (online, chosen by Peter King)
2009: Found (online, chosen by Peter King)
2010: Found (online, chosen by Peter King)
2011: Found (online, chosen by Peter King)
2012: Found; also available as a slideshow (online, chosen by Peter King)

I spent a good deal of time looking for the All-Pro team for 1996 NFL, perusing every logical SI issue available online, but have not found it. I also didn’t check for before 1979, but Z said 1979’s team was SI‘s first All-Pro team, so I’m not going to bother.

LATEST UPDATE (2014-08-28): SI narfed all the old Vault links, so I have to re-locate all or almost all of these. Thanks a lot. All Century Team link is correct, all others may not be.


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