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The Heisman Trophy

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A generally uninteresting award, given to somebody who touches the ball a lot on a top 5 team. The last time I actually paid attention to the televised broadcast of the ceremony was in 1999, when my Wisconsin native housemate was fervently rooting for (actual winner) Ron Dayne (I kept my thoughts Dayne would be an NFL bust if drafted high to myself). Now, though, just tune in at 5 or 7 til and you’ll see the important part. That’s what I did, and found what I expected: while Ndamukong Suh should have won (and got my vote), Mark Ingram did. I was actually hoping he could pull it off when it was mentioned this was the closest vote ever, but alas it was Toby Gerhart that finished in second place and Colt McCoy somehow finished in 3rd. The Southwest was the only intelligent region, voting for Suh tops, but the unaffiliated regions of the Midwest and Northeast ruined it by going RB-RB. Perhaps it’s time to stop caring even more. Well, I guess it’s time to completely stop caring about the award, since we missed out on our best chance in recent memory for an actually interesting winner (no, Larry Fitzgerald would not have counted as such).


Written by Tom Gower

December 13, 2009 at 04:36

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