Total Titans

New post up at Total Titans, the first of what will be a multi-part series on how much the Titans offense improved when VY became the starting quarterback. How many parts? I don’t know yet, since it depends on how much time I decide I want to spend on the series, plus how fruitful future posts end up being. I’ll probably wrap the running back carry data into this series, as part of the comparison, since it seems like a major deal. Tentatively, I’ll look at each quarterback’s sacks and what happened, though that question may be more dog that didn’t bark. I’ll probably also do other tape posts, looking at comparing the two, though I’m not sure yet how I’ll do that. Receiver target data will also probably end up in this series, looking for a corresponding change. I hope to do at least one post a week on this series; it’s something I’m still in the process of thinking about and have barely started researching, not something I have drafted or even planned out.


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