Book Review: NFL Record & Fact Book 2010

Another year, another edition of the NFL Record & Fact Book. I’ll point you to my review of the 2009 edition for a basic description. Those of you familiar with the book know about what’s there.

For my fellow obsessives who care about such things, I’ll note the changes I see from the 2009 edition, good and ill.
1. Well, ok, this isn’t a change, but once again the only thing we get about each game the previous season is the final score. The line score, scoring plays, and recap present in 2008 and previous editions is still missing.
2. Individual game scores for Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football are now gone, replaced by a team’s record by year and overall for each of SNF and MNF. Thursday individual game scores for past years are gone as well.

I guess the damage isn’t too bad compared to last season, though of course that still makes it a lesser publication than it was only a few years ago. And, yes, as I noticed in last year’s review, the same information is all or almost all available on the NFL’s website and most or all of the stuff is also available online on P-F-R, but I’m sure I’ll still keep The NFL Record and Fact Book 2010 on my end table until February and have it near me for quick reference when working on Football Outsiders Almanac 2011 as well.


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