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Titans-Rams data dump

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Here are my notes on each play of the first half of last Saturday’s preseason game between the Rams and the Titans. I wrote a sort of summary post over at Total Titans, but this is the raw data. Notes are fairly long, almost 2k words, so they’re going after the jump, and also unedited.

1-83 yard score to Gibson. Finnegan takes him in single coverage, Griffin is playing single-high, lined up deep. Gibson is wide open, and without a better downfield look, it’s not clear exactly what happens. Griffin likely bites on the shallower crossing route, and Finny just loses track of Gibson. A major oops.

P1-LDT Fred Robbins splits the Scott-Amano gap and screws up the play. Tough block for Amano and Scott’s caught in no-man’s land. Harper of course strings the play out.
P2-Na’il Diggs overruns his gap creating a big hole for Harper. Once Harper sees Mikell coming in for an angle, he tries to bounce.
P3-Rams blitz, picked up more or less including by Harper, an encouraging sign. Not sure what’s downfield, but Hass scrambles for the first.
P4-Screen. Nobody’s right there, so Harper blows forward. Apparently that’s the key, nobody in his field of vision.
P5-Nice first carry by Donaldson, getting upfield and trusting his blocks. Amano & Scott pick up Robbins, Laurinaitis bites & gets clipped by Roos so can’t fill the hole but does make the play downfield.
P6-Not much for Donaldson, but a play I like anyway. He sees the edge won’t be open, so he turns upfield and gets 3, even though there’s a guy lurking to tackle him.
P7-Pressure from both ends, Hasselbeck dumps it off to Donaldson, who spins and gets 3 extra yards.
P8-Stevens moves right to left and the Rams D-line shifts to the side to follow him. RDT Bannan shoves Harris back at the POA to disrupt the play.

P1-Morgan at LDE does a good job of getting down the LOS to make the play. No contain issues, either, as Hope was run-blitzing to his side.
P2-Some DL shenanigans, as Ford lines up at LDT before dropping into coverage. Soft zone and Amendola finds a hole and sits down in it for a first down.
P3-Titans rush 5, Bradford throws for MSW on the intermediate dig 15 yards downfield, but he’s not ready for the ball (might be a bit of a sloppy route) and it’s off his hands with a fortuitous bounce to Verner.

P1-Short run right. Robbins gets doubled by Scott & Amano again but still makes the play after a 2 yard gain.
P2-The only linebacker to get touched is Kehl by Cook, but the DL is moving and the cutback picks up 4 yards. Two consecutive plays where I’m not angry with Harper!
P3-Kehl bites on the playfake and Hall will be open. Hass recognizes it quickly and throws him the ball. One missed tackle later and the Titans have 12 yards.
P4-One yard TD run for Harper. Nice hole in the middle of the line, as Harper and Amano both get low on their guy and Hall and Scott are there to clear out any detritus before Harper can stroll in.

P1-Hayes gets penetration to kill the play, then Hope comes up from his S position to blow him up. Smith and McRath are also there, as it’s McRath who gets credit for the tackle. Nice team defense.
P2-Titans bring a blitz, and Finnegan follows Jackson, destroying the called screen and forcing an incompletion.
P3-Titans bring a zone blitz, Bradford gets a throw off for MSW but he slips on the comeback and the ball sails out of bounds incomplete. Really getting a bad feeling for MSW.

P1-Looks like Scott gets beat, but it’s actually a nice design and Scott had to make a good recovery to get into position to look like he’s getting beat. Tough for Hass here, as he has to make an unplanned quick decision. Damian Williams also lined up on the LOS to cover up Cook-dunno whether DWill or Cook is the one to blame, but it’s one of them.
P2-Nice cutback run with some good space here. Harper bounces a little but it works out well as he’s ahead of one safety and then turns it upfield where Washington gets crushed but essentially takes two guys out of the play. Harper then turns into Fletcher at the end of the run. Not a great run, but an encouraging one. Na’il Diggs way overran the play to open up the cutback.
P3-Nate Washington is a shrimp, but he is a willing blocker. Hall and a pulling Scott get seals, Donaldson barely gets tripped up by an unblocked corner or he has a 12 yard touchdown instead of a 6 yard gain.
P4-False start, Amano. Center false starts always really annoy me.
P5-Some good blocks and Harper didn’t screw it up. Solid 5-yard gain.
P6-Robbins beats Otto, which screws up Harris’s pull on the seal and kills the play.

P1-Smith gets doubled by the C and RG and goes on some roller skates. McRath should be hitting the gap and stopping Jackson for no gain, but instead he’s backing up in apparent fear of play-action. Spoon comes up and changes Smith’s backwards progress, so it’s only a 3-yard gain.
P2-Funky coverage scheme for the Titans, as ATV ends up in the middle of the field, inside of Ayers, to make the tackle on the dumpoff to SJax.
P3-Simple sitdown route for Amendola just past the first in zone coverage, easy pitch-and-catch for the third down conversion.
P4-Run right at RDE Jacob Ford, who ends the play 4 yards downfield. Smith’s able to motor down the LOS and McRath sheds his block to limit the damage to a couple yards, though.
P5-I didn’t think this was supposed to happen. Interior v. interior, and the Rams win as Haye and Smith go backwards. Hope comes in to slow down Jackson from the side and Ball from his LDE spot is in on the tackle as well.
P6-More of what looks like 5-under, 2-deep zone on third down, and Bradford finds Kendricks this time open against the zone on what looked like a jerk route.
P7-Well-timed run blitz as Spoon knifes in and creates trash in the backfield to slow down Jackson, which Finny then cleans up for no gain.
P8-Titans get good pressure as McRath blitzes, with Ford and Casey flushing Bradford from the pocket. Rather than taking the easy dumpoff to Jackson, he tries for Gibson downfield but ATV has good coverage and the pass is too far.
P9-Delay of game.
P10-Titans bring a zone blitz on 3&long and it actually works. Finny gets picked up, but Spoon is untouched and has a straight shot for a relatively easy sack. Saffold probably overcommits to RDE Ford’s rush.

P1-Deep throw for Hawk, who only gets separation when the (backup) corner tries to locate the ball and can’t follow it. Just a bit too deep. Interesting to see Hasselbeck go for Hawk deep, as Cook appeared to be available shorter-probably a decision based on single coverage outside.
P2-Two-deep look by the Rams, creating a mismatch in the box. Cook does a decent job of getting in the way of Laurinaitis playside to give Harper a couple extra yards before a safety comes down and makes the tackle.
P3-Slant/flat combo for Cook in the flat, and Al Harris does a good job of releasing off the slant and coming up and making the stick on Cook. Smart veteran play.

P1-Hate the close-up pocket shots, as whoever Bradford wanted to throw the ball too was covered. Egboh eventually got pressure, and Bradford chucked the ball at Cadillac’s feet.
P2-Nice tip by Ball on the WR screen for Amendola.
P3-4-man rush doesn’t get home, and it’s a completion to a zone void on 3rd and long. Gee, I’ve never seen that one before. Whiff by Babineaux on the tackle.
P4-Short run middle. Good job by Hayes to slip the block and limit the gain to 3.
P5-Nice play by Casey to follow the guard and blow up a screen.
P6-Zone blitz on this 3&long, and Finnegan off the slot gets home when the Rams protection doesn’t slide right.

P1-Excellent production values by the STL broadcast to start this play with Cook making the catch. No clue how he got open or what the play design was.
P2-Another deep throw by Hawkins-Hass throws the deep fade, but Hawk kept running upfield on the streak. I have to think this one’s on Hawk, as he had leverage to go get the ball.
P3-Oops. Titans line up in a double-TE right and motion Hawk outside Cook. The Rams bring down a safety and align to the Titans’ right. Meet the cutback run, Cook gets a seal on the DE (who probably should’ve crashed harder), Roos gets the linebacker, and Harper has a huge hole. A little bit of a shake, but a more decisive cut would enable him to avoid the safety altogether.
P4-Out and go combo, but kind of an ugly route and/or throw for Stevens on the out, who struggles to bring it in for a short gain.
P5-Sort of the mirror image of the previous play, as to the opposite side of the field Hawk runs an in and Cook runs a seamer designed to draw off the defenders. It sort of but doesn’t work and it’s another short gain. Hass would go out after this play after getting hit when Harper’s man goes over him.
P6-Locker’s first play, and it’s essentially a smash combo with Cook running the flag. Simple read, a little much air under the ball, but executed for a big play.
P7-My first sustained burst of expletives at Harper, as he likely has a touchdown if he follows Hall through the hole, but instead he cuts it back and gets nothing.
P8-Bootleg. Locker has some pressure and tries to find Hawk in the back of the end zone, but can’t fit the ball between two defenders. Locker tries the ball too late, distracted by the presence of the stay-at-home defender.
P9-Fade for DWill, but the corner’s playing outside technique. Hate the playcall, hate the read.
FG good from 23, Titans lead 16-7.

P1-Manned up, and the Titans were just outnumbered at the POA. Babineaux makes the tackle by getting run over by Cadillac.
P2-Babineaux knifes in on the run blitz and slows down Cadillac. Spoon fills the hole, and Cadillac bounces into Hayes, who gets credit for the tackle. Tackle stats are incredibly meaningful!
P3-Smith and Jovan Haye try to play low man and end up on the ground, making it an easy 3-and-1 conversion up the middle. But, y’know, the Titans’ problem last year was totally run defense!
P4-Spoon fills the hole and gets the tackle for a short gain, but the key here is McRath with a good play to avoid the pulling guard and prevent Cadillac from bouncing the run.
P5-Zone blitz on 2-and-long right after the 2 minute warning. Bradford finds Avery open for a short gain before Finnegan off the slot gets home.
P6-Horrible pass pro by the Rams, as Hayes is barreling down on Bradford quickly. He gets the ball out for Amendola on the curl, but it’s a drop.
Punt, Titans lead 16-7.

P1-Blah, draw.
P2-False start. Called on Scott, but it looked like Locker flinched. O-line wasn’t visible when the false start happened.
P3-Blah, another draw. What happened to the idea they might run a two-minute drill?


Written by Tom Gower

August 26, 2011 at 04:16

Posted in Total Titans, UFR

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