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Book Review: Lombardi and Landry

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Longtime New York Giants beatwriter Ernie Palladino’s Lombardi and Landry: How Two of Pro Football’s Greatest Coaches Launched Their Legends and Changed the Game Forever tells the story of one of those remarkable times in NFL coaching history: when Vince Lombardi was offensive coordinator of the New York Giants in the 1950’s while Tom Landry was simultaneously serving as the Giants’ defensive coordinator, and head coach Jim Lee Howell just got out of their way and let them run their units.

As subtitles are wont to do, Lombardi and Landry‘s overpromises something the book doesn’t really try to deliver. Rather than a real explanation of how Lombardi and Landry changed the game, Palladino tells the straightforward narrative story of their time as Giants coordinators. I didn’t see anything groundbreaking in the book, but the story is told well and flows quickly.

Lombardi and Landry isn’t a special book, and it isn’t one I see myself returning to in the future, but is a very solid book and one that was a quiet pleasure to read. Recommended for what it is.


Written by Tom Gower

October 18, 2011 at 01:55

Posted in Book Reviews

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