Book Review: Football Outsiders Almanac 2012

So, yeah, Football Outsiders Almanac 2012. It’s the latest annual from the folks at Football Outsiders, which group includes yours truly. This is the third year I’ve worked on FOA and the eighth year of the book in general, and this may be my favorite edition of the book ever. I spent some time on Saturday at a local bookstore browsing a couple of the NFL preview magazines, and honestly believe the team chapters in FOA are way better than any single-team write-up in any one of those preview magazines and probably worth more than all of them put together.

I’m not even going to pretend to give you some sort of objective review. I moved away from my home grounds of the AFC South to write the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers chapters this year. I like the Chargers one a little more, but it also went through more revisions and I worked on it more recently than the Raiders chapter. I’ll let other people judge how much they like them, though. I’m not as funny as Mike Tanier, but you almost certainly aren’t either (unless you’re Mike).

I’ve reviewed prior editions of the annual, known as Pro Football Prospectus from 2005-08 and Football Outsiders Almanac beginning in 2009, on here before; the review of PFP2008 is probably the most useful, though the college content has expanded a lot since then and this year’s edition includes work by Matt Hinton, which is awesome.

Right now, FOA2012 is only available as a PDF download from the FO site. We self-publish, and it’ll be on Amazon and other websites later this month. It’ll also be available this year as a Kindle e-book for the first time. Right now, the link to the book goes to the FO site, but I’ll update it to the Amazon pages when that goes up.

Disclosure: As a co-author, I received a free copy of the PDF version of the book.


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