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After I hiatus, I am now once again writing for Bloguin’s general NFL blog This Given Sunday. As I’ve done for Total Titans, this will be an irregularly-updated archive of my, and only my, TGS posts.

2014-10-31: Five matchups to watch in Week 9 (link to come)
2014-10-24: Five matchups to watch in Week 8
2014-10-17: Five matchups to watch in Week 7
2014-10-10: Five matchups to watch in Week 6
2014-10-03: Five matchups to watch in Week 5

2014-09-26: Five matchups to watch in Week 4
2014-09-21: Five matchups to watch in Week 3
2014-09-13: Five matchups to watch in Week 2

MAY 2013
2013-05-10: Tim Tebow isn’t good enough to be a distraction

2013-02-08: The worst losses by a Super Bowl winner
2013-02-02: 2013 Hall of Fame class announced

2012-12-31: Cardinals fire Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt
2012-12-31: Chargers fire A.J. Smith and Norv Turner
2012-12-31: Chiefs fire Romeo Crennel
2012-12-31: Browns fire Pat Shurmur and Tom Heckert

JULY 2012
2012-07-24: Broncos add Peyton, but AFC West still up for grabs
2012-07-23: Packers poised to rule NFC North, but who’s second?
2012-07-16: Bears, Matt Forte agree to contract extension

MAY 2012
2012-05-02: NFC North draft grades

MARCH 2012
2012-03-30: Free agency report card: AFC South
2012-03-27: Free agency report card: NFC North
2012-03-19: Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos
2012-03-15: Mario Williams signs six-year deal to play in Buffalo
2012-03-12: TGS writers’ 2012 NFL mock draft
2012-03-05: Burning question: is it Jake Locker time in Tennessee?
2012-03-01: Burning question: how do the Vikings build around Christian Ponder?

2012-02-29: Burning question: what is Matt Schaub’s future with the Texans?
2012-02-27: Burning question: how do the Packers fix their pass defense?
2012-02-22: Burning question: can the Lions build a shutdown defense?
2012-02-14: Burning question: will the Chicago Bears pay Matt Forte?
2012-02-14: 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame class announced

2012-01-14: AFC Divisional Recap: Patriots rout Broncos

2011-12-22: NFL Reactor: Last-minute score gives Colts upset over Texans
2011-12-18: NFL Reactor: Another Ravens upset as Chargers keep playoff dream alive
2011-12-11: NFL Reactor: Giants blow lead, then come back to beat Cowboys
2011-12-08: NFL Reactor: Roethlisberger injury overshadows Steelers’ win over Browns
2011-12-01: NFL Reactor: Seahawks put Eagles’ dream season to bed

2011-11-27: Lackluster Steelers drudge past Chiefs
2011-11-17: Reactor: Tebow leads Broncos over Jets, 17-13
2011-11-13: NFL Reactor: Patriots oust Jets from top of AFC East
2011-11-10: Palmer to Moore pushes Raiders past same old Chargers

2011-10-26: Can Chris Johnson rebound? A disturbing parallel

And that’s when I started writing for them.


Written by Tom Gower

July 23, 2012 at 21:19

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