Book Review: 2012 NFL Record & Fact Book

Another year, another version of the NFL Record & Fact Book. It’s pretty much the same thing you’ve seen in the past. See my prior reviews for 2009, 2010, and 2011, of which 2009 is probably the most useful.

The changes from 2011 that I’ve noticed:
1. The capsule summary of the previous season’s Pro Bowl was removed, as were the Pro Bowl records.
2. The list of important dates and description waivers, both affected by last year’s CBA expiration, have been restored.
3. The cover is once again a player from the Super Bowl winning team.

Mini box scores from the prior season did not return. This year’s edition does, however, check in at the exact same 688 pages in length as last year’s version.

It is what it is. I like having it in a hard copy, so I’ll buy it every year and keep it by me as I watch games. All or virtually all of the information is available online, but the dead tree format is more convenient for some things.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: 2012 NFL Record & Fact Book

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