Tennessee Titans Estimated 2013 Salary Cap

For the past several years, I’ve attempted to keep track of the Tennessee Titans salary cap situation. (See 2012, the first year I put this online). The NFL doesn’t necessarily want you to have this information, so getting accurate numbers from publicly-available information is a non-trivial task. The following numbers should be considered estimates only and should be relied on at your own risk. Numbers in italics in particular should be regarded as educated guesses. Use of 1 represents an unknown non-zero quantity.

Amano, Eugene Signing Bonus 2,067,500  Dead Money
Ayers, Akeem Salary 822,864
Signing Bonus 520,728
Babineaux, Jordan Signing Bonus 200,000  Dead Money
Bailey, Patrick Salary 970,000
Signing Bonus 100,000
Barden, Brandon Salary 480,000  Injured Reserve
Battle, Jackie Salary 840,000  Minimum salary benefit
Bironas, Rob Salary 2,050,000
Signing Bonus 750,000
Workout Bonus 125,000
Brinkley, Beau Salary 480,000
Britt, Kenny Salary 897,500
Option Bonus 733,750
Signing Bonus 250,000
Brown, Zach Salary 565,377
Signing Bonus 311,509
Campbell, Tommie Salary 550,000
Signing Bonus 11,500
Casey, Jurrell Salary 580,000
Signing Bonus 154,359
Clayton, Zach Signing Bonus 55,000  Dead Money
Dawson, Keyunta Salary 715,000  Minimum salary benefit
Edwards, Lavar Salary 405,000
Signing Bonus 49,625
Fitzpatrick, Ryan Salary 1,500,000
Signing Bonus 875,000
Fokou, Moise Salary 1,100,000
Signing Bonus 150,000
Graham, Daniel Signing Bonus 666,667  Dead Money
Greene, Shonn Salary 1,650,000
Signing Bonus 833,333
Workout Bonus 100,000
Griffin, Michael Salary 3,500,000
Signing Bonus 1,800,000
Roster Bonus 1,000,000
Harper, Jamie Signing Bonus 150,290  Dead Money
Hasselbeck, Matt Signing Bonus 2,000,000  Dead Money
Hawkins, Lavelle Signing Bonus 1,333,333  Dead Money
Hill, Sammie Lee Salary 2,000,000
Signing Bonus 666,667
Workout Bonus 100,000
Hunter, Justin Salary 405,000
Signing Bonus 581,209
Hutchinson, Steve Signing Bonus 3,000,000  Dead Money
Johnson, Antonio Salary 800,000
Roster Bonus 50,000
Johnson, Chris Salary 10,000,000
Signing Bonus 2,000,000
Johnson, Quinn Salary 715,000  Injured Reserve
Signing Bonus 112,500
Jones, Greg Salary 1  Injury Settlement
Kern, Brett Salary 821,500
Signing Bonus 531,875
Klug, Karl Salary 555,000
Signing Bonus 48,613
Levitre, Andy Salary 2,500,000
Signing Bonus 2,100,000
Locker, Jake Salary 1,519,182
Signing Bonus 1,912,500
Mariani, Marc Salary 630,000  Injured Reserve
Signing Bonus 14,850
Martin, Markelle Salary 480,000  Injured Reserve
Signing Bonus 25,947
Martin, Mike Salary 500,000
Signing Bonus 141,890
McCarthy, Colin Salary 555,000
Signing Bonus 113,850
McCourty, Jason Salary 5,000,000
Signing Bonus 1,800,000
Mooney, Collin Salary 405,000
Morgan, Derrick Salary 1,045,000
Signing Bonus 200,000
Option Bonus 1,195,000
Workout Bonus 115,000
Otto, Michael Salary 1,700,000
Signing Bonus 375,000
Pierce, Matthew Salary 1  Injury Settlement
Pitoitua, Ropati Salary 800,000
Signing Bonus 200,000
Pollard, Bernard Salary 1,300,000
Signing Bonus 500,000
Roster Bonus 200,000
Preston, Michael Salary 480,000
Reynaud, Darius Salary 715,000
Signing Bonus 300,000
Roos, Michael Salary 6,000,000
Signing Bonus 1,500,000
Schwenke, Brian Salary 405,000
Signing Bonus 116,065
Sensabaugh, Coty Salary 480,000
Signing Bonus 108,000
Shaw, Tim Signing Bonus 100,000  Dead Money
Smith, Rusty Signing Bonus 28,556  Dead Money
Smith, Shaun Signing Bonus 500,000  Dead Money
Solomon, Scott Signing Bonus 16,741  Dead Money
Spencer, Chris Salary 840,000  Minimum salary benefit
Signing Bonus 65,000
Stafford, Daimion Salary 405,000
Signing Bonus 11,475
Stevens, Craig Salary 2,500,000
Signing Bonus 1,000,000
Stewart, David Salary 5,000,000
Signing Bonus 1,000,000
Roster Bonus 1,000,000
Stingily, Byron Salary 555,000
Signing Bonus 27,625
Thompson, Taylor Salary 480,000
Signing Bonus 49,500
Turner, Rob Salary 1,000,000
Signing Bonus 250,000
Roster Bonus 250,000
Verner, Alterraun Salary 1,323,000
Signing Bonus 132,000
Walker, Delanie Salary 2,000,000
Signing Bonus 900,000
Workout Bonus 50,000
Walter, Kevin Salary 940,000  Minimum salary benefit
Signing Bonus 65,000
Warmack, Chance Salary 405,000
Signing Bonus 1,807,118
Washington, Nate Salary 4,200,000
Signing Bonus 900,000
Williams, Damian Salary 1,323,000
Signing Bonus 205,500
Wilson, George Salary 1,400,000
Signing Bonus 300,000
Wimbley, Kamerion Salary 4,000,000
Signing Bonus 1,800,000
Wooten, Khalid Signing Bonus 19,670  Dead Money
Wright, Kendall Salary 480,000
Signing Bonus 1,104,264
Roster Bonus 283,566
Missing 66,387  Estimate
TOTAL $127,877,865

Guide to Notes

  • Dead Money: If a player is cut by an NFL team before the termination of his existing contract, any guaranteed money, most commonly signing bonus, remains on the books and counts against the salary cap.
  • Estimate: The amount is estimated.
  • Injured Reserve: Player is on Reserve/Injured list and does not count against the current roster limit.
  • Missing: An estimate of the amount on the cap not represented elsewhere in the table, calculated by deduction from the information I do have and totals-based information, namely the NFLPA’s figure.
  • Minimum salary benefit: The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement permits veteran players making the league minimum to have their base salary treated under the cap as equal to the base salary for a third year player (in 2013, $555,000) subject to certain conditions. By way of example, Kevin Walter’s combined salary and bonus is $1.005 million, but his salary cap hit is only $620,000.
  • Total: Estimate for all players under contract. Note that this is different from the Titans’ salary cap figure for NFL purposes. By my calculations, the Titans currently have a 2013 cap amount of approximately $128.0 million and effective cap room of $7.75 million based.

Update History
2013-09-08: Updated to account for the cut-down to 53. May be some errors, which I will check and resolve later.
2013-08-18: Updated with the signings of Gary Guyton and Corey Lynch. Removed Thaddeus Gibson, Robert Johnson, and Matthew Pierce. Updated cap space accordingly.
2013-08-08: Added Kadarron Anderson with Matthew Pierce going to Injured Reserve. Kenny Britt’s 2012 DUI suspension cost him $675,000 in salary, because of course it did. Updated cap space accordingly.
2013-08-05: Made a ridiculous number of updates, which is the sort of thing that happens when you spend four months updating only your spreadsheets. Added all new signings, draft picks, and UDFAs, removed players the Titans parted ways with, and all that jazz. Probably a few things left to clean up, which I’ll take care of later.
2013-03-27: Made a bunch of updates. Added Ryan Fitzpatrick, Rob Turner, Bernard Pollard, Ropati Pitoitua. Removed Matt Hasselbeck. Restored an accidentally-deleted Nate Washington (oops). OverTheCap indicates the Titans included workout bonuses in the Bironas, Greene, Hill and Walker deals; while the Titans have not traditionally made much use of this, this reconciles the reported total values with the numbers I knew. Per OTC, Keyunta Dawson’s deal is apparently gets the veteran minimum salary benefit, which makes sense. Updated cap space. Yes, sticking with a $6.5 million estimate notwithstanding NFL.com showing the Titans with $10.7 million-plus. My best estimate is that does not include the workout bonus amount or the Fitzpatrick, Pollard, and Pitoitua deals. This could be completely wrong.
2013-03-15: Removed the free agents from the table. Added Andy Levitre, Delanie Walker, Sammie Lee Hill, Shonn Greene, and Moise Fokou. Updated re-signs Quinn Johnson and Darius Reynaud.
2013-03-11: Made a bunch of updates, including the George Wilson signing, Rob Bironas and Keyunta Dawson re-signings, adding in salary amounts for the futures contract guys, and total updates. Bottom-line cap figure and adjustments is based on this report indicating the Titans had $18.6 million in cap space. My best estimate is that includes Keyunta Dawson and George Wilson, but does not include Rob Bironas or the workout bonus amounts. Made a second update with news of the Titans tendering Fernando Velasco (RFA) and not Kevin Matthews (ERFA) or Kyle DeVan (RFA, thought he was a UFA). Made a third update based on Steve Hutchinson retirement. Corrected Total, which I hadn’t updated to include the addition of the futures contract guys.
2013-02-07: NFL.com indicates the Titans have $18.3 million of cap space. Added Missing, since that comports with what I thought it was.
2013-02-06: Oops, major error in how I was calculating cap space, as the formula wasn’t picking up CJ’s cap hit. Effective cap space was therefore overstated by $12 million.
2013-01-28: Eugene Amano hit an escalator that increased his 2013 base salary by $250,000. Yes, he was on injured reserve the entire 2012 season. Alterraun Verner and Damian Williams hit their escalators, very likely related to playing time, as well.
2013-01-08: Page published.


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